Thursday, April 23, 2009

rick-a tick-a tick tock tick tock tock

i adore michael ian black. i try to keep up with everything he does. i even stalk him on twitter, though i recently learned that the correct term is "follow". i would describe his comedic style as "highly offensive deadpan sarcasm with some silliness", but i'm no expert on describing things.

his blog is amazing but i can't keep up with it. if you glance through it, though, you'll see 2 very nice things: first of all, mtv is finally releasing the state on dvd, which features all the guys from stella and also several of the cops from reno 911 (i love that show, kind of a guilty pleasure); second of all, he's made a show with michael showalter (no david wain??) that will air on comedy central this summer.

i'm addicted to comeday central's shows, past and present: the aforementioned reno 911, stella (i'm bummed it didn't make it), sarah silverman's show, demetri martin's show, dave chappelle's show, my faves upright citizens brigade and STRANGERS WITH CANDY. what else? oh yeah, the fucking daily show and colbert report!! everything else on comedy central is kinda awful. except for some of the "comedy central presents..." stand-up specials. they used have an snl syndication thing going on; what happened to that? :( and just to further my ambivalence towards comedy central, they acquire idiocracy and let's go to prison (both of which i enjoyed, though they aren't class acts in the world of films), BUT they continue to air terrible eddie murphy movies from the 80's.

if you can't tell, i watch comedy central almost exclusively. with a little travel channel and bravo (for their variety of fashion-centric reality shows that feature tim gunn).

p.s. new stella