Thursday, July 23, 2009

my data says i miss you so deeply

once upon a time, my favorite part of the day was my nightly shower, which was a relaxing ritual signaling the day’s end and approaching sleepy time. i went without those days for a long while. my tulsa apartment gave me two showering options: scotch yourself for 30 seconds, or enjoy a trickle of lukewarm water for 10 minutes. grudgingly, i opt for the latter. it’s an infinitely depressing routine.

in the glory days of my showering i would have time to daydream, sing a song, SHAVE MY FUCKING LEGS, or perhaps even nod off and have a sleep (for i can sleep anywhere, anytime, in any position including standing up). clearly these were privileges i did not deserve. but i treasured my showers so much that i would scorch my skin even when i was sick and feverish, pass out and bust my head open on the side of the tub, all naked and helpless and bleeding. i tried (unintentionally) to do this in the tulsa shower, but the water cooled just as my vision started getting dark (good thing, ironically).

every new shower that crosses my path since i moved into that apartment i overindulge in as my companion waits outside the door, perplexed and annoyed. “do you always take that long in the shower?”

well, in a dream world i would.

so now on the precipice, i wonder, the next shower in my life – what will it be like? better? worse? does it matter? yes, because this is a metaphor goddammit! though those shower tales are true; my tulsa shower sucked and i have scars on my head/face from where thin flesh met thick fiberglass.

p.s. my favorite song to sing in the shower is miho hatori’s “spirit of juliet”. it’s a lovely and [unintentionally?] very funny song. i dig her album, ecdysis, big time. it's a beautiful and very charming pop album and i listen to it frequently.

go to miho's myspace onegaishimasu!