Wednesday, August 26, 2009

people live and then they die

the next great adventure: i move to nyc on sunday. manhattan, though i understand that the hippest of the hip hipster scene is totally in brooklyn. i'm getting there. tulsa to manhattan is already a major upgrade.

i have musical goals ahead of me, of course. i feel like my sxsw dirty projectors experience was kinda a bust, because the venue hit capacity and so me and my buddies stood in the unmonitored ladies restroom in order to sneakily catch the show. on top of that, i still never seen grizzly bear! and topping my list of groovy hispter brooklyn acts to see is here we go magic, of course. when i bought the here we go magic lp i thought, because it was so immediately appealing, that i would quickly grow bored of it. false. many months later, i'm still soaking up its beauty.

here we go i come.